Galaxy Girl

“You meet a girl who, when she closes her eyes, can see the entire universe. Tell us about this girl.” 

When she speaks through her pale, strawberry lip glossed lips, I believe every word she says.

It may be because her voice seems so distant, as if she’s speaking so far away and yet so close to home about anything and everything.

When she smiles her perfect white smile, she tucks a piece of her silver hair behind one of her ears, her eyes sparkling.

Her eyes.

They’re like looking into distant galaxies; purples, blues, greens, golds, even slightly pink in some speckles. They’re extraordinary and I just want to keep looking at them and never stop.

These eyes have seen things, and not just every day things while walking down the street, but incredible things, although, also sad.

At only eighteen, she has seen the world at is lightest and darkest points. It’s scary to think about what her mind holds.

‘It’s so peaceful,’

I look up at her and her eyes are closed.

She’s in her ‘Happy Place’, dancing with the stars and looking around the universe all in the comfort of this small park as she swings on the swings.

Quietly, she laughs. ‘A shooting star,’ she whispers and it makes me smile too.

I envy her slightly for this ability.

If only I could escape from the world and see the entire universe, just by closing my eyes.

I could travel far from the world and escape to every corner of every galaxy far and wide!

But of course, I can’t.

Only she can.

Her delicate features flicker a look of joy as she opens her eyes again, looking straight at me with content.

‘Go anywhere nice?’ I ask her.

She shakes her head. ‘Just the same places,’ she says and jumps from the swing, slotting her hands into her jeans pockets.

Even the way she stands is so strong, yet relaxed. It’s almost as if she’s going to float away any second, but when she does, she’ll take the earth with her.

‘Ice-cream?’ she asks me as if she hadn’t just visited another planet only seconds before. ‘I think I’ll get the bubblegum sauce this time.’

I nod. ‘Same,’

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