Pokemon Go



The time has come.

Being a Pokemon fan myself, watching the TV shows, films and playing the original games since childhood, I chose to download the new Pokemon Go app.

I have been playing Pokemon Go for a week now and I have chosen to review it.

Let’s do this…


Pokemon Go is an App that can be downloaded for free on android or IOS devices. The game has been developed by Niantic Inc who are also known for their mobile base game called, Ingress.

As many people already know, Pokemon Go is a game where you can create your very own Pokemon Trainer character and collect Pokemon just by walking around your neighbourhood. There are all types of Pokemon to catch, just like there are in the other Pokemon Games, and in the TV series and films.

In order for the app to work and you to progress however, you must get out of the house and go for a walk.

This app is linked to Google Maps. In order for the game to work, the app needs your location so it can track where you are in the game.

Going for walks means that you can visit PokeStops where you can collect more pokeballs, potions and more.

PokeStops are pinpointed in blue on your map. Get within range of the PokeStop and you can click on it, spin the circled picture in the centre of the screen and receive items.

When walking around to these PokeStops, Pokemon will pop up on your map as you are playing. You must catch these Pokemon, power them up, evolve them so you can become the very best.

Once you think your Pokemon is ready, you can travel to Pokemon Gyms and battle against other Pokemon so you can take over the gym from its original owner.

I, personally, have not yet tried to take over a gym as I don’t have the strongest of pokemon just yet. One day though, I will have a gym!


I’ve been playing this game for a week now, and am a Level 8 Pokemon Trainer with a CP411 Hypno as my highest Pokemon.

This game has really helped me get out of my hermit ways and out into the fresh air to take walks and explore my neighbourhood. It’s done good for my health, increasing my exercise and vitamin D levels. It’s also got me out and socialising with people! Wow!

I do love this game, but I have resisted myself from becoming addicted. Here’s why:

1.The game drowns my battery.

Whenever I play it, I make sure to have my battery at 100% but after just five to ten minutes of playing my battery is already at 80%.

When I went out Pokemon Hunting in London last week, I had to stop and charge my phone almost every hour as it got critically low so quickly. I was not able to enjoy the game as much. Low battery equals poor running of the game; so it becomes difficult to play quite quickly.

There is a battery saving option within the game, but even using that, my battery goes down at an alarming speed.

2. The freezing! Oh the freezing! 

Usually, when I find a Pokemon that is quite a bit harder to find than the usual Zubats, Rattatas or Pidgeys, my game freezes when trying to catch it.

I would throw the pokeball, it would snatch the pokemon up, but then the game will just freeze. I then have to reload the game, but that takes ages again as when I try and reopen the game a minute later I’m stuck on this screen…

I usually have to wait twenty minutes or more for my game to work again, and by then the Pokemon has gone or I’ve had to move on and walk away from that area.

This happens to me multiple times on a daily basis, which is a reason I’m not that High of a Pokemon Trainer because when I try and catch good Pokemon, I lose them because of the game freezing and crashing.

It irritates me and means I just get frustrated with the game usually, so end up not playing it.

3. Goodbye Internet Data 

This game works only when the user is connected to the internet, which is a great concept, if it’s a game for staying at home and using wifi.

But this game isn’t that.

In order for the game to be played, the user must go outside, away from their wifi and use up their mobile internet data.

On many mobile contracts, data is a limited thing and usually costs a lot of money if the minutes of used data goes over the limit.

For some lucky ones – like my boyfriend – data is free and infinite, meaning that they have no problem going out and using data, as for them, there is no limit.

So, for the ones with limited data, it will mean that we will have to be careful about how much data we use so we don’t have to pay a hearty extra at the end of the month, while the infinite data users get to go out and catch pokemon without a worry.

It’s another of my irritations.

It doesn’t help that Pokemon Go uses up so much data when playing also…


Overall rating?


It would be higher, if it weren’t for the complaints above. Yes, I love the game and will continue playing it, although, probably will play it more once the new update is out and the game is fixed from all of its freezing and crashing.

Overall good game, just needs to fix its bugs.

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