Gone Glass

“All the glass in the world has disappeared”


The world suddenly falls cold, chilled and draughty as all windows suddenly shatter into dust, falling awing into nothing.

Glass of all types melting away, causing holes in buildings, floors and ceilings, letting the rain spill into the houses soaking the furniture and books, or the gusty wind sweeping everything over; papers flying off of desks and cluttering the floors.

The tall glass skyscrapers turn into nothing but lone offices suspended in midair by scaffolding made only of metal and bolts, creaking dangerously with its height and exposure to the weather around it.

Glass cups vanish as liquid gets spilled over surfaces, onto food, over bodies, laptops, work that has taken hours to get done, leaving people distraught and irritated. They look around, trying to see who else has had the same experience, realise that they are not alone and chose to moan angrily with the nearest person.

All of the glass has vanished, and as I stand in the middle of the city where people are going crazy around me, I know that I want to find out why. I will find out why, to help the world restore itself back to sanity.


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