Week #6


Today was a no-makeup-day.

Frankly, I am exhausted after yesterday, travelling back home from Oregon and have spent most of the day sleeping, writing or watching YouTube.




I glammed up for him, yes, as I didn’t want to look dead going over to his and spending the day making up for lost time. Yes, that sounds cheesy but I’ve missed him, okay?!

On my lips I’m wearing NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the shade Sway. It’s a bold colour but i love purple lips! The formula was quite thin and I needed to pile the product onto my lips quite a bit to get the colour in the photos. I do love the colour but the texture make my lips feel SO dry. It’s a shame… I will still wear this product, but on occasion and not every day as I feel as if it may ruin my lips. Rating: 3/5.

It was BOILING today in London; over 30C which is HOT HOT HOT for the UK. We never get heat. I was melting.

In order to get to my boyfriend’s I have to get 2-3 trains, and in this heat I didn’t want to have to travel in the highest heat of the day so I set off at around 7:30 in the morning to try and leave when it was cool… yeah, I still melted.


Look at my hair!! I was SO HOT! Not a good day for travelling, but at least I had a great time with my boyfriend.




Back to having a lazy day!

It was SO HOT again today, and instead of going out and braving the heat, I stayed at home and slept, wrote and watched films and YouTube.

Yes, I did go outside in the morning though at around 7:00am… yes it was to play Pokemon Go. I regret nothing… I am in love with that game!



My boyfriend passed his driving test!! So, I took him out to London for the day. What did we do, you ask? Pokemon hunt and went out from a meal. A brilliant day.

It wasn’t as hot today as it had been over the last couple of days so I got away with doing a full face of makeup and not have it melt off of my face after an hour.

I’m quite proud of my smokey eye today, and my eyeliner actually looks decent for one.

Today was a VERY good day and I caught a lot of Pokemon. Thank you London for helping me build up my Pokedex! I’m forever in competition with my boyfriend… so far he’s a higher level than me but I will get higher than him! I’ll make sure of it!



Oh wow, I look so derpy in these photos! I was so tired today and slept until late afternoon. Yes, I sleep a lot when I have nothing to do.

I recorded a video audition today so I put makeup on for that, but when I wasn’t doing my audition I was in my pyjamas. No regrets.

So yeah, this week was a lazy.


 Quote of the Week:



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