Me, Earl and the Dying Girl (Film)


Me, Earl and the Dying Girl is based off of the witty, emotional and lovable book by Jesse Andrews.

It’s sad that this book and film has not got the recognition, nor the fan base behind it like the book to film adaptations such as The Fault In Our Stars by John Green or The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – all of which I realise have long titles… Do all deep, emotional yet clever YA books/films have long titles nowadays? I’ll research into it later.

This book/film is about a boy named Greg who spends his high school years being invisible but known to many. He has no named category within school, which he prefers, and only has one ‘co-worker’, Earl.

Together Greg and Earl remake cult classic movies, but twisting them, making them new and unique, in one way or another.

Greg seems happy in his life being invisible and comfortable, making films and not really having a plan, until his mum tells him to go and hang out with this girl named Rachel who has just been diagnosed with Leukaemia. And that’s where the story starts getting different for Greg, and he’s forced out of his comfortable place of not having a plan.


This isn’t a normal cancer story. It’s a comedy.

Now I’m not saying that the writer makes fun of cancer in any way. No, no, no, that’s just plain wrong and disgusting and no one should ever, EVER do that.

No, Jesse Andrews takes cancer and instead of creating a depressing story, creates something beautiful, real and humorous. The scary word – cancer – is put in a place where it doesn’t seem as scary any more. Yes, cancer is horrible and sad, but Jesse Andrews makes it easier to talk about in some way. It’s hard to explain… just read the book. It’s brilliant!

The film? I loved it.

I’m always worried watching a book-to-film adaptation as films never seem to do the book justice, going off topic and putting a spin on the whole story which ruins the whole film for not only me, but its fan base. It usually means that the film doesn’t do very well in the box office either. When the reviews come in, they are bad news.

Admittedly, I’ve postponed watching this film for a while.

I am a big fan of the book and with the recent book to film adaptations coming out and being terrible (City of Bones, The Maze Runner, Scorch Trials etc etc), I didn’t think that Me, Earl and the Dying Girl would be any different.

This film came out on the 1st July 2015, just over a year ago. Yes, I’ve postponed it for that long.

It was only yesterday when I was over at my boyfriend’s that I watched it. It was boiling hot outside and all we wanted to do was chill (not that kind of chill! We didn’t watch Netflix), so we looked through the films he had on his TV that his Dad had recorded.

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl showed up and my boyfriend liked the look of it.

I was worried, admittedly, not wanting the book that I had loved, to be ruined, but even so, I thought that I should get it over with and watch it. After all, if I didn’t like it, I never had to watch it again.

….Yeah, I need to buy this film and add it to my collection.

I loved it!

It stays so true to the book that the film is even split into parts, just like the book is, captioned by the same titles that are in the book!

The cinematography is gorgeous with unique and clever camera angles.

The film has an old-school-film filter on it to make it look like an older film, maybe one from the 80s.

The film is made to look like it’s the 1980s with the character’s clothes, the camera filter, the cameras that Greg and Earl use, but there are laptops and iPhones (clearly a film sponsored by Apple) giving the film a modern twist.

It’s such a beautiful film with lovable characters and such a lovely story. My heart ached for Greg to just see how amazing he was, for Rachel to stay strong and for Earl to just never lose his comedy.

Looking at reviews on GoodReads, it is definitely a marmite film;  either you love it or you hate it, but the vast majority love it.

I recommend you check out the book and film. Even if you don’t like reading, do check out the film as it will definitely be a 2015 cult classic in the later years.

Rating: 4.5/5

Yes, I went there with the high rating!



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