Yancey, The Hero

“Jeff has just scored the winning goal in the football championship. He is a hero, and he is being carried on the shoulders of his teammates. You are the reporter who gets to interview Jeff.”

I push myself forward holding my microphone in one hand and notepad full of questions in the other, turning to the right page so all I have to do is read. The cameraman is standing behind me, his giant camera on his shoulder. This is my first day on the job, I can’t screw it up!

‘Jeff!’ I call through the crowd to get his attention, rushing through the crowd until I’m standing right next to where he’s being carried off by his team. ‘Jeff Yancey, how do you feel now that you’ve just scored the winning goal in this year’s Football Championships?’ I shove the microphone towards him.

I’ve caught his attention.

‘It feels fantastic!’ Jeff cheers. ‘We won! We won!’ he starts chanting with his teammates, and suddenly I’m forgotten as his teammates continue to carry him off to the changing rooms.

Insistent, I brave forward. I run up next to him and again, shout towards him, ‘Is it true that this team hasn’t one a championship in fifty years?’ I push the microphone towards him.

Jeff flashes a mischievous grin. ‘That is correct,’ he says, giving a smug nod.

‘How does it feel to break through with such an achievement?’ I ask, reading off of my notepad now.

Jeff gives another smug nod. ‘It feels good,’

One of Jeff’s teammates gives him a little hop in the air. ‘Stop being modest!’ he says to his friend. ‘You won us the Championships!’ and the team and crowd around us roars in a giant cheer.

I take a deep breath and ask over the noise. ‘What is you plan now after the championships?’

Jeff shrugs. ‘Keep playing football I guess,’ he says, but his face is thoughtful, and something tells me he hadn’t quite thought that far after the championships.

‘Sure as hell you will!’ another teammate calls up to him.

‘Yancey! Yancey! Yancey…’

A chorus of voices fills the space around me and Jeff is carried away to the changing room, trying hard to look cheerful but still furrowed by the question I just asked.

I watch after him, tired from the busy day and frustrated that I was not able to ask all of my questions.

Turning to the camera I give a smile and sign off.

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