Week #5


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I spent all day today sleeping, playing happy wheels and sleeping. I was exhausted for some reason and felt like such crap, I just had to spend the day in my pyjamas and in bed. It seemed like a must.

I wore no makeup and took no photos… yeah, I felt that meh.



I went to the Mall! Shopping!! One of my favourite things to do ever!!!

I glammed up for the mall, did a grey-ish -smokey eye-ishh with my usual cat eyeliner. I wore my They’re Real mascara from Benefit Cosmetics, which I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE! and I’m finally wearing my highlighter after a week of going without it. And lip gloss. I liked this look and was proud of my face that I had achieved. I thought I looked pretty nice.

The day was an interesting one.

I got to visit stores such as Hot Topic, which I bought stuff at. Bath and Body Works, which I also bought something at. And Sephora, which I did not get to buy anything at… Click here to read Thursdays post explaining why

Sephora I will come back to you and I will buy you!



I was zonked out!

I spent the next day, again, sleeping and writing/editing my sequel. Click here to see my first book on Amazon.

The mall yesterday tired me out with all of its excitement, but it was worth it.

At least I got the do a full day of writing which I haven’t been able to do in a while.

I wore no makeup today as I wasn’t going out, and didn’t really feel like it when all I was doing was staying by myself and writing. Plus, it’s easier to write when you don’t have thick eyeliner weighing your eyes down… Or is that just me?

Oh yeah, and I was able to have a half an hour ride on my friend’s Harley Davidson which was pretty awesome!

I was a happy girly…



I had multiple looks today.

At first I was bare faced – no makeup… well, that was by the end of our trip.

I did have just winged eyeliner and mascara on but on the trip (We went and saw the waterfalls!) something flew into my left eye and my eyes watered so much that my makeup washed off of my face from the tears! I had to take my right eye makeup off otherwise I’d look ridiculous walking around with one eye done and the other not. I could not pull off that look, trust me. Maybe someone out there can, but not me.

There is me and Suzy looking adorable by the waterfall, although you can’t really see the waterfall as our heads are in the way…

Here are some pictures I took of the waterfalls:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Truly beautiful!

When we had come back to where we were staying we had fifteen minutes to get showered, made up and ready to go out for a meal at Jimmy O’s Pizzeria. 

My makeup was the usual. By the way, my outfit was under the jumper; I was cold.

I wasn’t really able to do much with my face in the five minutes I had to do my makeup – FIVE MINUTES! WHAT?! – so this had to do. Plus side is that I ate so much pizza that my skirt was too small for me by the end of the night…. guess who’s going to the gym when they get back to England? Me!



Sorry for looking so dead in these photos. I had not slept well at all last night and had woken up way too early for my liking.

I played around with my eye shadow today, which isn’t really that obvious in the photos as I was in a car when I took it, and the car was moving.

Suzy (sister), our friend Leslie, and me all went to Salt & Straw in Portland at the start of the day. I had lush ice-cream – a scoop of Royal Heritage Cheese and Strawberry (it tasted like cheesecake! It was so good; and a scoop of Cinnamon Snicker doodle. Would recommend HIGHLY!

We then went to the mall. Here’s more details about that… That’s all I’ll say.

Lastly, we went to Target… TARGET! Woop Woop!! And bought some nommies (sweets) for the boyfriend. Unfortunately it had been an eventful day, we were all tired and Suzy and I had to get back so we could pack for tomorrow, so I was not able to look around and spend-splurge in Target too much. *sad face* Next Time my foreign friend!

So this has been out last week in Oregon USA and by the time this is being posted, we will probably be in a plane flying back to London, UK. Home sweet home! I can’t wait to see everyone again. I’ve missed them so much!

But America has been AMAZING! And I will definitely be returning soon, I assure you.

(Note to friends and boyfriend): 

I'll be home soon lovelies! Next time I'm taking you all with me.

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