“One morning Jessica wakes up and realises she is magnetic.”

Jessica woke up that morning with a slap around her face.

She jumped up from her bed, maddened by the sudden wake on the weekend.

The clock next to her bed said that it was three in the morning.

She was not amused.

Looking around her room however, she noticed that there was no one that could have woken her up.

Her friend was no where to be seen so it couldn’t have been her…

Could she had been dreaming?

Slowly, she reached up to touch where she had been slapped and felt her phone!

‘What the-‘  she pulled at her phone and felt it peel away from her face, her cheek attached to it so firmly she felt her skin pull.

Half asleep, giving a shrug, Jessica walked back over to her bed and placed her phone back down on the bedside table.

She pulled her hand away but her phone remained stuck to her hand.

Her phone would not come away, it was stuck!

Jessica tried to shake her phone away but it would not budge.

Accidentally, she hit her hand on her bedside lamp and just like her phone, her lamp attached to her hand.

Fiercely, Jessica swung her arm around letting the lamp and phone fly off of her hand and smash into the wall.

That’s when everything metal flew through the air and stuck to her – anywhere on her body.

She tried to shake but nothing budged!

‘Crap,’ Jessica sighed just as she heard her friend come out of her room, shouting.

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