Know What You Are Buying!

So hello, I am going to tell you a little story of what I experienced when shopping this Tuesday.

So as the regulars would know, I am in Oregon, USA right now and exploring this state in the two weeks that I’ve had. (I’m leaving on Saturday)

On Tuesday I went to the Mall (Shopping Centre) and was looking around the shops.

I was in NEED for a Hot Topic shop, Sephora,  Bath and Body Works and just genuine look around all of the oh-so-american shops we do not have home in the UK.

Within this store are people also selling items in what I call ‘Booths’ or ‘stalls’. I’m not sure what the real name for them are but here is a sum-up picture of what I mean:


We all know them. We’ve all seen one at a Mall at least once in our lives. We all know the persuasive, enthusiastic people that work at them.

My warning to you however is:

Do Not Buy From a Booth/Stall If You Are Not Aware or Haven’t Searched The Product They Are Selling!

I made that exact mistake…

As I was saying, I was walking around this mall and suddenly someone jumps out with a sachet sample of this moisturiser.

Being me, a person with social anxiety and a shopping addiction, I said hello and took the sample quickly, putting it in my bag thinking that I could just scurry off towards Sephora which was where I was heading.

Oh, I was so wrong.

The lady, who was very nice I must add, offered to show me this ‘amazing product‘ that they were selling.

Now, this product was from the brand: VIVO Per Lei.

And they were showing me their Dead Sea Facial Peeling product.

Dead Sea Facial Peeling

Now this is the description on the website:

Vivo Per Lei Facial Peeling provides a powerful yet gentle facial cleanse by removing make up and built up dirt. It is specially formulated with rich ingredients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving your skin with a refreshed and silky smooth feel.

And sure, it does just that, including getting rid of dead skin sells. Seriously, while you rub this gel on your skin, dry skin rubs off and is suddenly visible as it flakes off of your skin. No lie!

Anyway, I was impressed in this product and being my shop addicted self, I was thinking ‘Hmm, maybe I should buy this, the seller seems very confident about this product and it does seem to work.’

The seller then proceeded to show me the moisturiser I got from the sample she was giving out. She used the moisturiser on my arm where she tried this facial peeling gel. A little really went a long way with this thing! Anyway…

After a while of her telling me about this product, what customers thought about it, her ‘true‘ opinion of it, I was kind of hooked. I’m not going to lie to you guys! I was hooked.

Then the price came.

She went on to say how both of the products – the facial peeling and the moisturiser – were $100 each. That was a BIG RED FLASHING SIGN in my mind.

Crap, I don’t have that much money with me! How am I going to say no?!

I only had, say, $70 left from the day having started off with around $110 that morning. (I had done a bit of shopping… did I mention its an addiction?)

I liked the product, yes, but in my opinion is way NOT worth $100.

I told the seller that I did not have enough money for both, so she told me that she would sell them to me at $40 each. A Personal Discount.

This Personal Discount you get offered? It’s not a discount. 

I again – trying to beat my social anxiety I might add – said I did not have that money.

I was trying hard to be polite and say no, in my own special way.

My social anxiety makes it SO HARD to say no. I always have this guilt in the back of my mind. I have to avoid that one person that I said no to, for a VERY long time after. I don’t know why. Stupid anxiety…

This seller was insistent that I bought these products to me that she ran around the booth, grabbed a manicure set and gave it to me, saying that this was a gift from her to me. On the house. Completely Free.

I did the maths in my head and thought; ‘$26 each per item, that’s not tooooo bad but still a lot. Anyway, I still do not have $80’ So again, I told her that I still did not have that money.

I was trying to back away but she kept flying numbers at me, saying that she really recommended this product. She looked so hopeful and I just felt worse and worse for saying no. It was truly making me panic!

She then said to me that she would take away the moisturiser and just sell me the facial peeling, with the free manicure set, for $50.

This meant that the price was bumped up $10 from what she originally offered me, so I asked her if she could sell me the three items for the price of $50. That was be around $16 each. That I could cope with. That was a good price for me.

But she said no, that she could only sell me the facial peeling, with the free manicure set.

I was panicking now.

I knew that I was not going to have enough for what I wanted in Sephora at this rate for this crazy deal! Yes, if I was getting three items I would be fine. But the products were not worth $25 each. No way.

Anyway, she asked if I had the $50 and being panicked girl I was, I thought about it. I knew that I did, and instead of saying no and lying, I said yes I do, being honest.


The smile on her face was so big.

I think I went pale, I felt so stupid for admitting I had that money.

The way I had said it was as if I was definitely going to buy the product.

What happened?

I bought the facial peeling, with the manicure set.

No. No. No.

Yes, I like the product. It’s good quality; it really does work; it soothes my skin … but it was NOT worth $50, let alone the start price of $100.

But there’s more…

When I got home, sephora-product-less *sad face*, I chose to research into this product I had just bought from an unknown brand.

I found the product and what did the page say?!


The product was originally $48Not this $100 ball-crap. It was less than what I actually bought it for! The so called personal-discount was a complete lie. I was not getting this product for half-price which is what they advertised it for. They were selling it to me for $2 higher than the original price!

I felt deceived; lied to; stupid; panicked; and it made me feel depressed for the rest of the day and the next day. I couldn’t sleep, it was troubling my mind so much.

I HATE being lied to. I hate being tricked. I hate looking like an idiot. Which I had experienced all in one day.

The seller was probably celebrating that she got such a good sell from a naive, foreign visitor!

I’m angry. Honestly. And thought I should share this story on here so you guys do not make the same mistake I did.

It is just plain rude to take advantage of a customer that way.

I want to now take back the product and do not want to buy anything from this brand again. I am disgusted.

I however, feel too scared to take the product back because I don’t want to upset the sellers there. After all, they were only doing their job and doing what they were told to do. But what they were taught was wrong and is lying. I have now got no faith in booths/stalls and will stay away unless I know the brand already and am familiar with their pricing and products.

So, whenever you’re at the mall and a seller tries to tempt you into buying something you’re not familiar with, please just say. ‘No thank you,’ and walk away. It is something I should have done and now I am $50 short from my america fund and sephora-product-less. I look like a fool and feel like an idiot for being tricked like that.

Here’s some advice for you.

Say no to people who are trying to tempt you into doing something you are not comfortable with or do not know about (for example, shopping). Politely say no, and walk away. Trust me, it will save your bank account and your dignity.


Link to the Vivo Per Lei so you know what products are what and the true pricing, just in case a seller tries to sell you their products:

Always be responsible with money!


(The gel is now a present to my Mum. I don’t mind spending that money on her after all and hope she enjoys it and uses it well.)



My mum knew how irritated and upset I felt about this product so got my sister and friend involved to take me back to the mall so that they could refund it for me, as I was too nervous to do so.

We arrived at the mall and my sister and friend went over to the stall while I went into another shop, trying to calm my nerves. I wasn’t even the one refunding it and I was anxious!

So about twenty minutes later I meet with my sister and friend and they tell me, ‘It is non-refundable but they exchanged it for a Shea Body Butter which is sold at the same price.’

I take the next five minutes looking up the price of this Shea Body Butter as I know I’ve been tricked before.


It was actually $30! Not $50 as they told my sister and friend!

I was not happy…

Now I don’t mind myself getting tricked because it’s my fault and my responsibility. But if my friends get tricked on my behalf? No. No. No. We have a serious issue.

I stayed calm but put my strong face on.

I went down to that stall and stood there for 30-45 minutes saying that I was not moving until I got my $50 back.

Obviously, me look infuriated by their stall was losing them customers. They tried telling me to come back in fifteen minutes or even an hour as they were dealing with a customer… I was not moving.

I stood there until finally someone sat down by the till, asked me if I wanted a refund in which I said yes, politely I may add.

There is no reason to start shouting and causing a scene. Calm yet stubborn is scarier as they have no excuse to call security on you. You cause a scene and start shouting? They have every right to call security as you are disturbing other customers, not just the employees.

In less than ten seconds the man gave me back my $50.

The refund for them to do was that simple..

I put the product that they had given me back on the side, said thank you and left.

Calm yet stubborn is a good method when dealing with difficult situations in this field of things. It gets you somewhere, whereas causing a ruckus, does not.

I stayed strong, stood my ground and achieved my goal. For that I am proud of myself as I would never, in a million years, think that I could do that.




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