‘Killer Game’ by Kirsty McKay

 Rating: 3/5


Okay, I like this book, but I’ll tell you why I only gave it a rating of 3.

First, I’ll show you the blurb that is found on GoodReads:

At Cate’s isolated boarding school, Killer Game is a tradition. Only a select few are invited to play. They must avoid being killed by a series of thrilling pranks, and identify the murderer. But this time, it’s different: the game stops feeling fake and starts getting dangerous and Cate’s the next target. Can they find the culprit … before it’s too late?

This book is a YA, mystery, thriller and has great potential. The synopsis at the back of the book got my HOOKED, and I was so excited to pick it up and read it, which I chose to do while on holiday.

All throughout the book it has creepy aspects, which I really enjoyed. There were moments when my heart was pounding and my mind was racing as I wondered who the real Killer was.

At first the book is freaky but tame as the pranks begin and the book starts as a slow read but makes you laugh and encourages you to keep reading in anticipation for when the dangerous things start happening. It’s only half way through the book when the dangerous stuff starts happening and the plot picks up, although the dangerous things are not so dangerous at first and do not really live up to the ‘thriller‘ genre it is under.

As the end of the book approaches and more people get hurt, the attacks become more extreme and creepy as you wonder who the ‘killer’ is.

Spoiler time:

I had one problem with the book.

It is meant to be a thriller and while there are masks and cloaked figures involved, it only makes your heart pounding but no real ‘thriller’ things happen.

By the blurb you would think that the game of ‘Killer’ with pranks and jokes, turns into something serious with the so-called ‘Killer’ taking the game too seriously and actually kills people.


There are no deaths in this book and truly, that disappoints me.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who got the impression that it was going to be truly ‘Battle Royal’ or ‘Hunger Games’ style when the killer picks off the players one by one and actually murders them, as it is hinted at the start of the book as well as on the back. It’s disappointing when the ‘Kills’ are quite tame and no real deaths happen.

The climaxed ending, I enjoyed. You find out who the mad killer actually is as it’s a battle for Cate, to make sure she stays alive, but at the very, very end, it just seems ‘And They All Live Happily Ever After.’

In a book that is named, ‘KILLER GAME’, you would think death would be involved and pure gory horror would take a part within the book.

That is why I only gave the book 3/5 because even though the writing style was good, I couldn’t put the book down and my heart was always beating, I just seemed disappointed, as if I was given false advertising for what I was about to read.

By all means, pick up the book and give it a read. I enjoyed it, but do know that you are not going to be reading what you think you’re going to read. If that makes sense.


Buy the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Killer-Game-Kirsty-McKay/dp/1909489115/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468268861&sr=8-1&keywords=killer+game

Book on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25416757-killer-game

Kirsty McKay’s Goodreads Profile: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4724739.Kirsty_McKay

Author’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/kirkybean



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