The End of the Rainbow

“You find the end of the rainbow…”

As I continue to look ahead I come to the realization that I’m walking towards the end of the rainbow that has grown in the sky above me.

I can see ahead, the obvious end to this multicoloured spectrum that is dipping down into the ground just a walk or so away.

The child inside of me suddenly takes over and I start to quicken my step, over the grass, through the trees of this quiet wood, keeping my eyes on the rainbow as I start to see it closer and closer until finally I find it.

I stop is at the top of a hill.

Beneath me is a steep dip – like a miniature crater – into a pit of sand and leaves. In the centre of this small crater is where the rainbow has come to an end, the colours sparkling and bright.

As I start my way towards the end of the rainbow a shine glints into my eye and I notice that within the rainbow is something familiar, yet strangely placed.

Between the colours is a mirror, simple and reflective but the reflection is clearer than the normal human eye, and the colours vibrant and beautiful making the earth seem dull and grey.

Without hesitation, I set forward, almost slipping over on the way down towards this mirror.

I stop just centimetres away from this mirror, looking at myself in the reflection.

Somehow, I look different.

My skin, what usually is the skin of a usual eighteen year old student is flawless; smooth and clear. My hair is long, thick and silky, just like I’ve always wished it would be. I run my hair through my hair now, but feel only the tangled, shoulder length locks that I can do barely anything with but leave down and natural. My reflection does the same but instead smiles, twisting her locks in her fingers letting her hand go down past her breasts, just where her hair cuts off, shiny and smooth. The reflection looks stunning, and as I look down at myself I just feel disappointed.

“Do you wish to become what you wish you were?”

A voice almost whispers to me, and it takes me a second to realize that it is my reflection talking to me.

“Just step through to become who you wish you were,” it beckons, “all of your wishes with come true and you will be living the life you dream you had.”

I stare at the reflection and think.

Would you step through?

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