Week #4




Today is the 4th of July and lucky for me, I am in the USA! I did not have time to do a proper LookBook photo of me, so here is me instead drinking a Blue Raspberry ICEE, which are SO GOOD!

My makeup was pretty straight forward with my usual eyeliner, foundation, powder, concealer, mascara; nothing too amazing. I wasn’t well today and didn’t have much time in the morning as I had a late start. I was tired, okay?!


Today I had more of my usual look. By the way, that’s my sister Suzy in the first picture. We went to the incredible Ice-Cream parlour called Salt and Straw. If anyone is ever in the US, I would HIGHLY recommend their ice-cream! It’s so good!

I was back to my smokey eye today and as you can see in the first picture, I had my highlighter back on. Oh yeah!

Today was a good day, going around town and experiencing a small part of the USA.



Different t-shirt, same flannel, no makeup.

Road trip day!

Me and everyone in our group went on a four hour road trip to visit Crater Lake in Oregon. It was beautiful! Here take a look (My photography):


I had to wake up at 5:20am in order to get out of bed, washed, dressed and into the van for 6:30am! It was brutal, but worth it. I got very burnt though. It turns out that up in the mountains, even with snow around, it’s boiling hot! I was baking in my jeans and boots. I turned into a tomato by the end of the day.


I slept until 4pm today and then went out at 5pm to go swimming and have dinner. I got back at 10pm. I completely forgot to take a photo in all of the hussle and bussle! I’m so sorry! G, I feel like a failure today.

Okay, bring on Friday!


So… you see my tomato face now, huh? It’s not as bad as it was on Wednesday night, but I’m still pretty and pink.

Today was spent travelling back from Crater Lake, stopping off at the little town called Sisters which is beautiful, and grabbing a cheeky McDonalds to fill me up for the four hour long journey back.

I know that to some people, four hours is not a lot, but when you’re from England, four hours is as long as it take for us to get from east to west of our country. A journey longer than that, usually means we decide on getting the train, which there are lack of in the USA. No Trains! All Cars! I’ve only seen two buses! What is this madness?!


Quote of the Week:


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