The Tan Lines Tag

1. A house on the beach or a house near the lake?

A house near the lake, but only if it’s hot!

2. Favourite summer hairstyle?

Messy bun or down

3. Do you become easily tanned or do you get easily burned?

Easily burned!

4. Have you ever got a henna tattoo done?

Not properly but would love one

5. Campfire or late night swimming?

Campfire with songs and s’mores! Love love love!

6. If you could go somewhere during summer where would you go?

America. Anywhere is America!

7. Bikinis or swimsuits?


8.  Summer make-up must have

Pressed powder, waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner

9. How many degrees was it on the hottest day when on holiday?

40 C / 104 F

10. Have you ever had a summerlove?


11. Number one thing on your summer bucket list?

Go to a foreign market this summer and visit the waterfalls 

12. Long or short hair during summer?


13. Do you wear make-up if your going to the pool or beach?

Lightly and waterproof, yes. I never go out in public without makeup.

14. Worst summer memory?

Almost sinking in a row boat.


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