The Creature

“A group of students are hiking, when they come across a nest with golden eggs. At that moment, one of the eggs hatches.”

“Hey come and look at this!”

The boys Gordon and Damien had walked ahead from the others, stopping when they reached the top of a hill.

There seemed to be a mound of sticks there, intertwined together and secured closely.

Jade wiped her sweaty forehead with the back of her hand. “What is it?” she called, tired of this hiking already. She just wanted to set up camp. It was almost nightfall after all. They needed to watch the stars for class.

Kylie laughed. “You’re not just going to show us a pile of shit, are you?”

The boys had done that already five minutes previous.

Jade scrunched up her nose at the thought. No matter how much Kylie thought it was funny, Jade almost fainted from the revolting sight of faeces.

Damien rolled his eyes. “No, we promise,” he called down the girls, “hurry up! It’s so cool!”

The girls chose to speed up the hill, pulling up their bodies as their giant rucksacks threatened to pull them backwards and roll them down the hill.

They were not disappointed.

It was incredible.

The mound of sticks turned out to be a nest.

Inside were five, golden eggs. Giant eggs, the size of an armchair each! Even the thought of picking one up would have broken the students’ backs.

“What is it?” Jade asked, breathless, mainly from the walk up the hill and the amazement she was feeling in her chest. None of them had seen anything like it.

Gordon rolled his eyes. “It’s an egg, smartarse.”

Jade glared at him. “I know that,” she snapped, “but an egg of what?”

Gordon shrugged, looking away from Jade, wrinkling his nose.

Kylie sighed irritably at the pair of them, walking closely to the nest to inspect the eggs before her. “They’re none like I’ve ever read about,” she said, her voice dreamy. She was thinking deeply. Her friends could recognise that voice from anywhere. When Kylie started thinking, everyone fell silent and just let her mind work. “The eggs are almost mythical, far too large to be any normal bird or creature.”

Jade let out a snort and Kylie gave her a sharp look. “I’m sorry,” Jade laughed, “it’s as if you’re implying that these eggs are some sort of magical eggs; as if they’re going to sing to us or screams if we touch them or something.”

“No,” Kylie sighed, looking away from her friend, trying to feel amused but way too fascinated to show it, “I just think that maybe, these egg aren’t human?”

The friends fell silent, looking around at each other.

All of them studied science; their brains ticking with explanations of what these eggs could be.

Damien quickly pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the nest.

“Hey, you might disturb the eggs!” Gordon quickly snatched Damien’s phone from him.

“No, photos are good,” Kylie smiled and Damien looked smug, taking his phone back, “that means we can show them to the professor and see what he thinks.”

They went silent, just staring at the nest.

Until, “What would happen if we touched one?” Jade asked.

Gordon laughed and again, Jade shot him a dangerous look.

“They’re eggs,” Kylie instructed, “whatever it is, there may be a baby inside. It’s better if we don’t disturb it.”

“Then what do we do?” Jade asked, stepping a little closer to the nest.

“We walk around it, and carry on hiking,” Kylie instructed, “okay?”

Jade huffed, sulking slightly.

Kylie rolled her eyes. “Come on,” she beckoned with her hand for everyone to follow her and started walking away from the nest.

It took only a couple of seconds before the boys followed her, always treating her as the leader like usual.

Jade however, stayed.

She was mesmerized by these golden eggs thinking what they could mean, how valuable they could be, what species they came from or if they were some sort of treasure. There were endless possibilities of what this nest could represent.

However, after a while, she took a step away from the nest and towards her friends.

A giant crack filled the air, so loud that it made the grass around them ripple, and the loose twigs blow over the students’ feet.

“Jade?” Gordon called back, turning to face her.

Jade was speechless, staring at the nest in horror.

There was another crack, as loud as the first that almost burst their eardrums.

Kylie clamped her hands over her ears and shouted back at Jade, “Jade! Come on!”

“They’re hatching,” Jade whispered, her fingers in her ears.

“What?” Gordon called.

Jade groaned, turning to her friends. “They’re hatching!” She yelled.

There was an almighty squawk and Jade spun back to the nest where an egg was falling apart, producing a scaled eagle, with a feathered tale, a spine of spikes and a body of green scales with a feathered and scaled head. It gave a shrill screech and turned to Jade, giving a little mope.

Kylie, Damien and Gordon ran back up the hill to the nest.

The creature turned to them protectively, spreading its wings in front of Jade and gave a shrill squawk at the three students.

“Jade, get away from there!” Damien encouraged.

Jade could not move, she was fascinated.

“Jade?” Gordon, for once, seemed worried for her.

The creature turned to face Jade, its big eyes blinking innocently and ducking its head towards her. It gave a slight croak that gave Jade shivers and smile. Happily the creature shook out its body and gave a cheerful squawk.

Cautiously, Jade reached her hand forward.

“Jade, be careful!” Kylie warned.

“What are you doing?” Damien clamped his hands to his hair.

But the creature nuzzled forward, resting its cheek on Jade’s hand and giving a little comforting squeak.

“It likes me,” Jade gasped, scratching the creature under its chin.

Damien quickly got out his phone and started to record what was going on in front of him as Jade laughed, tickling the creature.

“Jade, you need to get away from it,” Kylie told her, “it may be dangerous!”

Jade shook her head at her friends, “It’s not!” she insisted.

A thunderous squawk filled the area around them as all of the friends looked up in horror.

“There’s it’s mummy!” Gordon gulped.

A creature that looked between a dragon and an eagle, flew towards them.

She seemed angry, eyes red and nose breathing smoke.

“Jade,” Kylie hissed, “don’t move! You might threaten it.”

Jade cocked her head slightly and looked at Kylie, suddenly frightened. “Kylie?”

The creature’s mother gave another tremendous squawk and flew forward at full speed towards Jade.

Jade screamed. The creature grabbed her with it’s claws by the shoulders and flew away from the nest, screeching in anger.

“Jade!” Gordon called, running to the end of the hill, watching as Jade flew off in the mother’s claws, screaming and yelling for help.

“Crap,” Kylie smacked her hands to her head.

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