Week #3


Today was the day I caught up with an old friend and had a little time window shopping which is always lovely to do.

My makeup was pretty straight forward with just a grey/white shadow over the lid, my normal style of eyeliner and a bit of my new NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick in the shade Corset by the way. Which is gorgeous! I definite 4.75/5!!

Everything about the look was just something I could do easily and quickly before meeting up with my friend.

I actually didn’t end up buying anything but a manicure set that day, which makes a BIG change.


Today I wasn’t well… again.

My boyfriend came over today as he’s staying with me until Thursday… yay! So I wanted to put some eyeliner and mascara on so I didn’t look too dead.

I am totally for girls not having to wear makeup to look ‘pretty’ (which is bollocks as everyone is pretty!), but applying makeup to my face is a way to cheer me up and make me feel not as ill as I am so I chose to wear a little bit of makeup today for my boyfriend. It makes no sense but it’s all psychological, so really, it’s pretty cool.

Just so you know, if my boyfriend wasn’t coming over, I would have gone without makeup and would have stayed in bed most likely… hehe


Today was the day before I finished college, so me and some of my college friends and boyfriend all went out to Nandos (Whoop) to celebrate the end of the year, and have a send off into the Summer.

I love this look. I love my new NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the colour Sway. This colour is SO pigmented and beautiful. It goes with pretty much everything. I recommend for anyone to give it a go wearing either this shade or another purple lippy. It’s worth it!

Plus, my hair was so bushy today! Look at it!


Today was my last day of college.

I didn’t do much with my makeup as you could tell. My foundation, powder, blush, bronze and highlight was all my easy route. (It’s all hard to see as I took the photo in the Starbucks toilet as I forgot to take one in the morning. The lighting was not flattering for photos, but oh well). I just darkened my crease with black eye shadow and then blended it out. I added my traditional eyeliner and mascara. I put on a bit of lip gloss. So it was my lazy/usual sort of look.

By the time the photo was taken, the day had gone by quite a bit so some of the makeup had rubbed off… oops.


Today I packed for holiday and then went to grab white hot chocolate with a friend.

Seeing as I had packed my usual makeup into my suitcase, I had step out of my comforting routine. I did a thin coat of foundation and pressed powder, grey and white smokey eye with winged eyeliner and mascara, and lipgloss. Something comfortable to wear at least, and did not take me long to do.

Today was good – lazy but good.



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