New Earth

“Astronauts land on a distant planet. As soon as they open the shuttle door, they see the most amazing sight. Write about the adventures the astronauts have as they explore the new planet.”  

“Naught no.1143. Ari Lightness. Evening log.

“It is currently 20:43 UK, Planet Earth time but here on the planet we landed on today, it is still light outside of our shuttle, so we’re still unaware of the correct time of day.

“We have yet to set up camp on this planet, although Captain Harper and Vice Vixten seem to be getting on very well with the new neighbours down in the city. These aliens bought us this strange, purple and green sponge cake that seemed to have popping icing.

“I didn’t think it was safe to eat at first but after we scanned it, the scanner said that no poison or unknown substance was included in the making of the unearthly cake so we ate it up.

“It was by far one of the best cakes I had ever tasted! Far better than a Victoria Sponge, or a triple chocolate fudge back at home!”

“Stick to a professional log Ari!” Naught Harvey warns behind me. He is recording his own log by his station, chatting nonsense to his webi-cam.

I turn back to my own webi-cam and carry on talking.

“We seem to have landed on a new Earth.

“From the distant photos that we were able to catch while approaching the planet, anyone would have thought we were just returning home only to planet with barely any water left.

“There is a good amount of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air, so I’m able to breath without my helmet which is one less thing to think about. It’s as if I’m back on planet earth; I only wish I brought shorts to wear instead of the space gear they set us up with for this trip. It’s got up to fourty-five degrees Celsius here. I’m practically melting in this shuttle.”

I hear Naught Harvey finishing up his log, pulling away from his station and walking over to me.

“Have you mentioned the surrounding and what you see?” Harvey instructs me.

He’s my mentor, but I try to ignore that fact and act is if we’re of the same importance in this mission. It make me feel more comfortable. I am surrounded by professionals. This is my first major mission! Everyone else here has been on at least one or two.

“I was just getting to that,” I tell him before turning back to face the webi-cam, “When we first landed we seemed to have landed on some desert land, with orangey sand beneath us. There were a few shady huts built around us but most looked lost and forgotten so we chose to walk ahead and see if we could find life.

“Captain Harper checked the air levels and temperature of the planet and made sure to inform us that it was safe to take off out suits and into our lighter gear before we journeyed forward.

“I was glad, I was boiling in that thing!”

Harvey seems to have given up on me and has walked away, shaking his head.

I’m all alone now, so I grin. “It took us about a five to ten minute walk before we saw life, and when we did, it was amazing!

“Before us was a city, but not just any city! It was a city that everyone, at least once in their lives has thought of. We all thought we were dreaming! There were hovercars, hoverboards, hoverscooters, aliens, abnormal creatures, spaceships flying overhead, landing next to us! The buildings of this city were made of glass and metal, as high as skyscrapers or even bigger, so dystopian I thought I was a girl again reading one of my space novels. It was beautiful.

“We walked into The City, and no one really looked at us twice.

“There were humans around us too, walking with aliens of all species; species I thought I could  only imagine being in myths. Or well, I think they were human. They surely looked like the rest of us!

“That was when we were given cake.

“A small creature with yellow skin, eyes sticking out of his head on the tops of antennas and big floppy ears, rushed towards us with a tray of cakes. He was giving them out to every passer-by, but squealed when he saw us chanting ‘New Arrivals! New Arrivals!’ in an adorably squeaky voice.

“If I hadn’t done my training properly I would’ve bundled this creature into my arms and squeezed him so tight like a stuffed bear.

“That would have cost me a slime ball in my eye, or acid spray to face most-likely, so I made sure to do all of my squealing internally.

“We carried on around the city, exploring our surroundings.

“Aliens, humans and creatures all welcomed us. I was surrounded by happiness, it was beautiful!

“I can’t wait to explore some more!

“I should really end my log here. Naught Harvey and I are about to go and meet the others in The City and lock up here. I’m going to see if we can trade some Earth junk for some other clothes as I just look plain in my gear.”

“That’s not true, Ari!” Harvey shouts over to me.

I roll my eyes, turning to him. “Yes it is!” I call back.

Turning back to my webi-cam I give a quick smile before saying, “Naught no.1143, Ari Lightness. Over and Out.”

I click off the webi-cam.

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