What The Streetlight Sees

“Write a story that includes a streetlight, a bear, and a kid with a jar of honey.”

I stand there like I do everyday, my light shining down onto the street beneath me.

Where I stand I can see everything around me; the old lady struggling with her shopping; the mum with her two twin boys; the group of teenagers trying to act cool by the shops a little way from me. I see everything! Even at midnight when I drunk man decides to pee on me… that’s always fun.

Around me now?

Well I see nothing interesting.

The street where I’m located isn’t quite interesting.

I see the same thing everyday usually.

I’m sure I know the routine of everyone that passes me every day on the way to the train station,

Okay, okay, I’ll look around my light for you.

It’s quiet.

Wait, no there is something.

A boy!

He’s running towards me holding something.

What is he holding?

A Jar of Honey! Why is he holding that?

There’s somebody chasing him.

I would laugh if I could, instead just flicker my light slightly as I see a bear dressed in yellow rain boots and a small tweed coat, running after the young boy on his back legs as if he was actually a human.

‘Give me my honey!’ the bear yells, his voice strangely British.

‘I need it for my toast!’ the boy calls back, passing under my light.

I stand there watching.

Oh I see some wonderful things sometimes.

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