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All through this week I have been wondering… what advice can I start talking about on Thursdays? What would my followers want to know and need help with? And then it hit me. Why don’t I just ask them?!

 I will answer any questions for you about relationships, friendships or about just being human in general (even though being human isn’t really that much fun).


If you have any questions for me to answer or if you need any advice whatsoever, leave the question down in the comments or click on the Contact Me page, and make sure to get in touch.

I will answer your questions one at a time on Thursdays, or if it is a personal question and you want to come to a stranger for help, I will be glad to contact you back privately with advice and with as much help as I can offer.

When you email me or contact me via the link, make sure to mention if you want your questions to stay anonymous in Advice Corner Thursdays or not.

Please be respectful when commenting or contacting me.

Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon!

Advice will hopefully start next week. Don’t be shy. I’m always around.

Liberty_Joy x



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