‘How Hard Can Love Be?’ by Holly Bourne

Rating: 4/5

Holly Bourne has got to me one of my newer found loves for fiction!

Her other books include: ‘Soulmates‘, ‘The Manifesto on How to be Interesting‘ and ‘Am I Normal Yet?

The way she captures reality so skillfully is amazing and really makes you feel as if you are the character you are reading about. The dialogues between characters – the serious conversations and the jokes between friends – are incredibly relatable. There are so many times that I have taken a picture of a set of dialogue, or a paragraph and sent it to my friends captioning it “It’s US!” or “That’s so me!” or “Wasn’t I just saying this the other day/week?!“.

The book itself is about a girl named Amber who’s spent her entire life in England feeling as if she’s been in the backseat of life.

Her friend Lottie seems to get all of the guys, her parents split and have gone off with new partners who she despises, and as Amber looks for love from her Mum that she hasn’t spoken to in two years who now lives California, she comes face to face with challenges she never thought would come into her life.

With her passion for feminism on her side, she travels to a Kids’ Camp in California, USA where her Mum is the chancellor and her stepdad, bump-chin Kevin, owns. There she meets ‘typically American young adults‘; bubbly, sexual cheerleaders; jocky, prom king; shy, quiet girl with a love for Winnie The Pooh. Amber steps out of her comfort zone in this new, strange place.

This incredible book focuses on friendships, love, home difficulties, feminism, and the toughness of living in today’s society where everything seems to be stereotypical planned out for you.


I loved this book. It got me hooked in the first chapter.

Amber’s sassy, red-headed personality gives the book humour and feeling. You get to know Amber as if she is a real person and feel for her, hoping that she gets what she wants and automatically being on her side.

There are times that Amber can get frustrating however, not going-for-it and living in the moment. She thinks far too into things, but I guess that is part of her character. I got the feeling that she was meant to be frustrating, causing you to yell at the book to just live-life, just like her friends say to her throughout this book. You want the best for this character. You want her to feel happy and do something for her instead of looking too deep into things and always focusing on the negatives rather than the positives.

I guess that’s another relatable aspect of the book as there are many people out there today, who too, don’t live for the now and don’t think about what will make them happy now, and instead regretting how they did nothing about their feelings later.

The conversations Amber has with her best friends Lottie and Evie about feminism really make you think and want to be a better feminist. Within the book they talk about subjects around feminism which aren’t usually addressed on media or in day-to-day life. It makes you think and want to act, which I love. I consider myself a feminist, but know I have a lot to improve on to make myself a better one. This really helped me, opened my eyes and made me want to speak about what the book has talked about to others to make people aware of feminism and what it truly means. Holly Bourne’s knowledge on the matter is enlightening and I really think, if I ever got to sit down and talk to her, that I would find her views incredible. I would personally love to talk to her about this and share views, but I’m sure that would never happen so I’m going to move right along…

The supporting characters in this book warmed my heart and it was too difficult to pick out a favourite. They were all so wonderfully written, giving them all so different personalities which is difficult to do when writing a book, especially in the Contemporary Genre.

Overall I give this book a 4/5. 

I loved it and would highly recommend.

This book has SO made me crave a road trip around the USA now…

I was lucky enough to get a tweet on Twitter from Holly Bourne after I tweeted her about the book:


I squeaked after I got this tweet! I love Twitter so much! I can easily talk to my favourite authors and they usually reply!

Goodreads Link to book: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26255907-how-hard-can-love-be

Amazon Link to Book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Hard-Can-Love-Normal/dp/1409591220

Author Holly Bourne’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/holly_bourneYA

Holly Bourne on Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6561227.Holly_Bourne

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