Spoonie Questions

A Spoonie is someone who suffers from a chronic illness of some kind, like myself… Here’s a bit more about the subject; 1. What’s your name & age? Becky Willson and at the moment I am 19. 2. What is/are your diagnosis? Chronically, I am diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Hypermobility, IBS, low to no … More Spoonie Questions

The Supervisor

“She read the note, folded it and nudged it with her foot into the gutter.” She didn’t want anyone following her. She would face this person – whoever had been sending her strange texts and threats – alone. It was one thing finding out her mobile number and sending her anonymous texts, or finding out … More The Supervisor

I’m not Simple

Swinging on my swing rhythmically to the music in my headphones I look down at my sketchpad, gliding each stroke of my pencil carefully and with a pace of care. I never like to press down too firmly otherwise the pencil crumbles and it’s never going to repair unless you can sharpen it again, but … More I’m not Simple